Arkansas Cavalier Puppies

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Oliver is our first love with cavaliers. He is such a sweetheart. He weighs about 18lbs.  He's a compact and sturdy little guy. He is AKC and clear for
 (EFS) Episodic Falling Syndrome
 CKCSID Dry eye Curly coat syndrome and has OFA good heart and patellar luxaction

Clark's Charles Barkley is such an adorable hot mess of hair. He is so sweet and loving. He looks serious but is a big goofball. He is AKC with some champions in pedigree.  He is clear or EFS, CKCSID and has OFA good heart and patellar luxaction.

Owen is my sweetheart. He's a little reserved with other people because he has saved that love for my husband and myself lol. He will sit on the back of the couch like a King and watch everyone play and be silly. He has some champions on his moms side. He is clear of EFS , CKCSID and OFA good heart and Patellar Luxaction

Walter(Wally) is a gorgeous black and tan male. He is AKC and will only have black and tan puppies. He is clear of EF, CKCSID and has OFA good heart and patellar luxation .